Quality conventional lithographic printing and print design

We produce quality short and medium run litho printing, in both spot colour and four colour process. We bought our Heidelberg press around 6 years ago, a fully refurbished GTO46ZP with Varn damping. Heidelberg are considered the best print machine manufacturers in the world, with excellent inking capabilities and control and superb register.

Since 2001 we have always been self sufficient with regards to plate production having acquired an imagesetter in that year. Increased production which was the result of moving up to the Heidelberg meant we could replace the imagesetter with a brand new CTP (computer to plate) system in 2006. Plate production went from a 20 minute to a 2 minute process, and currently we are approaching 10,000 plates made since then!

The CTP uses the Bacher plate register system which is also installed on the Press, so in addition to the short plate production time, once the plates are on press make ready is a matter of 5 minutes on a typical 2 colour run.

Along side the printing and plate making machinery, we also have an automatic numbering machine, guillotine, saddle stitcher, and scoring & perfing capabilities.

We design many of the items we print, from business forms and general commercial stationery such as business cards and letterheads, to leaflets and brochures. Regularly we produce adverts for clients, for publication in local magazines and papers (Living Edge and Cheshire Life for example), ensuring colours, fonts and designs are consistant with their existing printing. This side of the Mouse House has lead to us designing Books and Book Jackets, and also large format posters, shop facias and even livery on vehicles!