Digital Printing

Our quality and capabilities have moved on and as technology has taken strides forward we have embraced the changes. In recent years Digital Printing has reached a stage where we are happy to add it to the services we can offer to our clients.

Early developments in Digital technology were problematic and as our litho quality improved, we were reluctant to bring in a method of printing that compared poorly next to Litho. Modern Digital quality compares well with Litho and has many advantages: Cost effective short run colour, no time needed for ink drying, seamless production workflow with pdfs, and extremely fast turnaround!

For more information either call us on 0161 929 5538 or send over a pdf of the item you require along with proposed quantity to and we'll be in touch!

Our advantage over many Digital Print providers is our long established Litho capabilities, this means that we have nearly 30 years experience of printing that is vital in any form of print production. Also we can offer an alternative if the item you need is longer run and would be more cost effective to print Lithograhically.